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Backlinku is much more than any regular marketing company, and our talented pool of professionals is making tons of difference. Our team consists of dynamic personalities & enthusiasts marketers who streamline the outreach campaigns to meet objectives. The Backlinku staff can handle any online marketing and planning concepts to execution to marketing. Choose the right people to get dedicated link building and SEO marketing for your business.

We keep the complete focus on understanding the customer/business need and plan our core methodologies accordingly. We are your trustworthy marketing partner with hands-on transparency and regular monitoring. Our support system is one of the core pillars behind our reputation, and we tend to keep it meeting demands and expectations.

Let’s meet our team who are leading us to success

Our highly experienced team is ready to fulfill all your digital marketing requirements.

Shishir Del Rio

Shishir Del Rio

Founder & Affiliate Marketer

Scott Wold

Co-Founder & Blogger


Blog Writer

Kathrina T.

Article Writer

Daniel H.

SEO Strategist

Seth H.

Chief Editor

Chad Co.

Reporting Specialist

Elena T.

SEO Strategist

Jahid H.

Campaign Manager

La Ping T.

Reporting Specialist

Yan Phun

Outreach Blogger

Suprava C.

Blogger Experts

Flonja F.

Writer & Blogger

Hena C.

Outreach Expert

Lai Chang Wen

Blog Writer

Rochelle V..

Professional Writer

Achui Vassum

Custom Supporter

Fabio T.

Campaign Manager

Lisa B.

Travel Blog Writer

Brain A.

Outreach Blogger

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