Refund and Returns Policy

While any refund process may seem daunting, we are here to make your refund process easy and seamless. We’re offering 90 days refund policy for all orders. All types of refunds will be directly credited to your Backlinku wallet only.

Canceled orders and Refunds 

If your order was canceled, the funds will be credited to your Backlinku wallet. Backlinku doesn’t automatically process refunds to your payment provider after an order’s cancellation. You will see the credited funds in your Backlinku wallet. 

Note: The refund is only available if we are not able to deliver within the timeline, If anyone wants to cancel the order before the timeline then a refund will be not applicable.

Refund currency

If you paid for your order using a currency other than US dollars, your refund will be processed in the same currency and amount used in the payment.

For any further questions or concerns relating to your refund, contact Customer Support. 

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