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Why use us for your link building?


Real Websites

We are partnered with real bloggers, and hence your website backlinks will be from the actual websites only.


Real Websites

We are partnered with real bloggers, and hence your website backlinks will be from the actual websites only.


Real Websites

We are partnered with real bloggers, and hence your website backlinks will be from the actual websites only.


Real Websites

We are partnered with real bloggers, and hence your website backlinks will be from the actual websites only.


The Digitaleb Guarantee

Links from real sites with real traffic
Links that you can proudly show your clients
Links from real sites with real traffic
No repurposed domains
No posts labeled as sponsored or paid
No author bio links
Links guaranteed for the lifetime of the blog
Competitive pricing
Excellent customer service

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How does it work?

Our expert team devises a procedure according to your specific requirements, making it easier to understand and profitable for you when applied. Understand our blogger outreach services with the following steps:

Choose your package:

All you need to do to get premium SEO backlinks is to choose the bundle package for which you need the link. Provide us with the targeted keyword and Anchor text for the in-content editorial links. After that, the complete outreach campaign is managed by our team dedicated to delivering the best results.

Link Prospecting & Approval:

Our guest-post backlink services team is expert in identifying the premium websites in your niche, recommending and negotiating content for blogger’s approval.

Content Writing:

When it comes to writing SEO friendly content well-equipped with relevant and useful keywords, our native writers are the best. They possess the finest creative skills to churn out top-notch unique content.

Link Building and Management:

We are dedicated to finding the most relevant sites for you to post the content. Our excellent analysis lets us find the best bloggers in your niche. We write and send the content for link placements as soon as we get the approval.

Concise and effective Reporting:

Results and success can only be monitored clearly through statistics and numbers. We build your trust in us by being transparent and reporting the success of URLs, pages and anchor text as soon as the content links are live on-site via white-label reports.

Results Speak Louder Than The Words

Our Clients Result


  • No quality compromise with outsourcing.
  • Result-oriented extensive marketing campaigns.
  • "Premier Google Partner" to provide best-in-class strategy.
  • We use a proprietary tool to manage and optimize the campaign.
  • All-in-one dashboard for hassle-free monitoring.
  • We frame client to client strategy and planning approach.
  • We are trained professionals with advanced Google certifications.
  • We are trained professionals with advanced Google certifications.
  • Transparent pricing with data security

Other Agencies

  • Quality compromise can occur.
  • Standard approach with zero flexibility.
  • Low-quality project management tools.
  • You'll get a basic level auditing and execution approach.
  • Low-class servicing with hassles.
  • Not able to handle due to small team size.
  • No actual goal-driven marketing metrics.
  • There can be hidden fees and additional charges.
  • There are provide low- quality sites and PBN sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices are not high, even no company can offer you those websites at a low price, if anyone can offer low price then the post will remove within 1 month because they are reseller but what we mentioned in our portal is direct admin price. We never charge extra for guest posts. We take our commission from the website admin.

You might find some people who will offer you the same website at a lower price. But please note whoever is offering you a guest post at a low price they will never deliver you the guest post because websites admins will not allow them.

Some freelancers are actually creating fake profiles and they offer guest blogging websites at a cheap price. 

They scam you in three ways, 

  1. Either they will ask you to pay in advance and never give you the backlink.
  2. They can give you a temporary post link which will be removed within 30 days when the website admin notices a suspicious link.
  3. They will take your content and use it on their own blogs and never give you any links.

And after all this, you can’t trace those freelancers. Because 

  1. Mostly they will be using a fake name or fake profile for communication
  2. They will show you the website list on a google sheet which you never track
  3. They will be using a 3rd person Paypal ID to collect your payment.

And most importantly, by choosing our service you’ll get:

  • Best Discount & Cashback: Currently we’re offering a special discount offer for new customers. Prices mentioned on our website, you’ll get a 70% discount on top of that. (To avail the cashback you need to first FREE signup here)
  • Permanent Backlinks: All links you’ll buy from us will be permanent if any links or posts are deleted we will give you a free replacement.
  • Best Price in Market: You can buy a guest post from us at a direct admin price. We charged commission from website admins. So, you do not need to pay any broker/middleman fees.
  • Proper Invoice: You’ll get a proper tax invoice for all orders.
  • 90 Days Money-back Guarantee: Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one, we’ll gladly provide a refund if it’s requested within 90 days of purchase.
  • Lifetime Support for each Order: You’ll get lifetime support for each order.
  • Easy Manageable Dashboard: You don’t need to switch between multiple spreadsheets. You can manage all your guest post orders from a single dashboard.

And now if you still think our prices are high then I must have to say you should try the cheap freelancers and once you got cheated from them then you come back to us. 

The normal Guest post means regular guest post. Here is some additional information for a normal guest post.

  • Normal guest posts will not be featured on the webmaster's home page or social media page.
  • Normal guest posts will not be shared with any branded newsletter or anywhere.
  • Clients need to write the guest post article as per webmaster guidelines. We will share those guidelines after every order. 
  • 3 revisions will be given to clients if client guest articles reject by the webmaster.
  • One backlink will be provided (do-follow/no-follow)
  • No minimum traffic guarantee on your guest article.
  • Article word limit 1500-2000 words
  • Post validity: Permanent
  • The article will be indexed on every search engine.
  • Only Informative articles will be allowed as Normal Guest posts. No promotional or brand-specific articles.
  • The maximum timeline to complete the order is 45 working days.
  • Article approval guarantee 95%
  • If after 3 revisions your article is not approved by the webmaster then 90% of the order value will be refunded to the client's wallet. 10% of order value we will charge service fees.
But for Sponsored guest posts you’ll get:
  • The article will be written by the webmaster own editorial team
  • Sponsored posts will be featured on the webmaster's home page for 30 days.
  • Sponsored posts will be shared with the website's weekly newsletter subscribers.
  • One do-follow backlink will be provided
  • Promotional Impressions to drive traffic to the article:  5,50,000 
  • 800 to 1200 word article
  • Post validity: Permanent
  • The article will be indexed on every search engine.
  • Promotional content will be allowed.
  • The maximum timeline to complete the order is 15 working days.
  • Article approval guarantee 100%
  • If anyhow your article is not approved by the webmaster then 100% of the order value will be refunded to the client's wallet.

This Normal & Sponsored post rules will only be applicable for the Premium category websites. Where we mentioned Normal & Sponsored posts separately. 

For the rest of the websites which we mentioned under the Normal-type above rules will not be applicable.

No, we avoid PBN links and deliver backlinks from real websites only. Backlinku even offers a 90-day money-back guarantee or link replacement if you find any discrepancies.

Yes, link-building services are reliable and come with complete security. Our high-quality link-building services are done with the right approach that follows all search engine regulations and guidelines.

Do not worry, as we offer free-of-cost consultation for all our services. You can connect with us anytime to prompt assistance with any query or doubts.

We offer a handy dashboard to keep track of live backlinks and progress. Keep an eye on the content quality and let us know if any modifications are required. However, we ensure to maintain the best content quality with industry-best writers.

Yes, Backlinku allows large orders for multiple domains too. You can choose the large quantity of work as we can handle any extent of work. We also allow you to provide the critical anchor text and URLs.

Yes, a link-building strategy decides your position or improvement in search results. Every small or big business in your competition will be working hard parallel, and we tend to beat them with our advanced strategies and hard work.

The period to visualize the results of our link-building services depends on several factors. The authority and strength of every website vary, and the results will be dependent on these aspects. Backlinku team complies with the latest search engine practices to bring faster results.

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